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Free Usability Statistics

To get a free usability statistics report, follow these steps:
  • Send a request for proposal 
    Send a request message to: Request for ProposalEMAIL ICON
    Please, include in your message a description of your site, including your domain name, or the client application.
  • Prepare a server log file
    A server log file is actually a list of 'page visits'.  The file size should be 15 to 50 MB. Compress it using a zip program (requirement specification)
  • Send the log file for evaluation
    Send it either by email to or by reference to an FTP storage. 
  • Receive the usability statistics report
    team will apply LogTester  to get the reports for you. You will receive a link to your report by email (delivery specification)
Site visitors
Server log
ErgoLight LogTester
Report on ErgoLight FTP

ErgoLight: system design by human factors

 To get a free usage statistics report -

  To order a full usage report -

For more information - send your RFP message to: Request for Proposal EMAIL ICON

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