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Do you know what your users are doing?

Do you know what difficulties they experience?

Do you know what hampers the interaction?

Try LogTester Usage Reports - the flagship of our services

Just send us a log file of your user activity and we will generate a full, comprehensive report about how your users use your system.

Free Usability Statistics

Did you ever try other usage reports?

  • If yes, did you get any insight about how you should change the interaction design?

  • If yes, are the recommendations that you get valid at all? are they based on usage in real operational conditions?

Ergolight is the only company that delivers objective, diagnostic reports about the behavior of real users in real operational conditions.

The reports are obtained using LogTester, the only tool that extracts usability factors from logs of user activity.

Our added value to your project

Not sure yet? Need any recommendations? You can ask the experts !

ErgoLight: system design by human factors

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