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Technology Underlying the Usability Log Analyzer

The Usability Log Analyzer generates diagnostic reports by analysis of logs of user activity. The analysis is based on a three layer model
  • The lowest layer - Stochastic Processes
    The mathematical foundation of the usability analyzer is a model of stochastic processes, in which the states are the page identifiers (in records of server log files these are the client URL). State attributes include page properties derived from the log files, such as average time delay before or after the transitions, rates of exit and backward navigation, etc.
  • The middle layer - Human Factors
    The middle layer of the usability analyzer is a model of human browsing, assigning navigational attributes to page visits and transitions. The navigational attributes include characteristics of the page properties in task-driven navigation compared to exploratory navigation. The model assumes that certain navigational attributes are typical to problematic pages and transitions, and are unlikely for design that enables seamless navigation. 
  • The top layer - Statistical Decision
    The top layer of the usability analyzer is a statistical decision model, used for concluding that particular navigational attributes are statistically significant. Statistical significance is determined by computing the probability of error in rejecting the null hypothesis, which is that page properties of task-driven navigation are the same as those of exploratory navigation.

The Model Underlying the Usability Log Analyzer

Statistical Decision


Stochastic Processes

ErgoLight: system design by human factors

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